Agricultural Horizontal Feed Mixer Gearbox for Equine Farms

Agricultural Horizontal Feed Mixer Gearbox for Equine Farms


Agricultural Horizontal Feed Mixer Gearbox is a crucial component for efficient feed mixing in equine farms. This gearbox plays a vital role in ensuring that animal feed is thoroughly mixed to provide the necessary nutrition for horses and other livestock.


  • Efficient Mixing: The gearbox ensures that feed ingredients are mixed uniformly, leading to balanced nutrition for animals.
  • Durable Construction: The gearbox is built to withstand the demanding conditions of agricultural operations, ensuring long-term reliability.
  • Easy Operation: The gearbox is designed for ease of use, allowing farmers to mix feed efficiently without complications.
  • Improved Productivity: By automating the feed mixing process, farmers can save time and increase overall productivity on the farm.
  • Customizable Options: Gearboxes come in various sizes and configurations to meet the specific needs of different farm operations.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Investing in a high-quality gearbox can lead to cost savings in the long run by reducing maintenance and downtime.


  • Equine Farms: Used for mixing feed for horses, ensuring they receive the right balance of nutrients.
  • Livestock Farms: Suitable for mixing feed for cattle, sheep, and other livestock on the farm.
  • Poultry Farms: Ideal for preparing feed for chickens, ducks, and other poultry animals.
  • Dairy Farms: Helps in mixing feed for dairy cows to maintain their health and milk production.
  • Agricultural Cooperatives: Used in large-scale feed mixing operations to serve multiple farmers.
  • Feed Manufacturing Plants: Essential for industrial-scale production of animal feed for commercial distribution.

Vertical Feed Mixer Gearbox

Working Principle

The working principle of a tractor PTO driven horizontal feed mixer gearbox for mixing animal feed involves a series of mechanical processes that facilitate the efficient mixing of animal feed. Here’s a detailed explanation of how it works:

  1. PTO Engagement: The process begins when the tractor’s PTO is activated.
  2. Power Transmission: Once engaged, the rotary motion of the tractor’s engine is directly transmitted to the gearbox via the PTO shaft.
  3. Speed Reduction: Within the gearbox, this high-speed rotational power is passed through a series of gears.
  4. Torque Amplification: As the gearbox reduces the input speed, it increases the torque.
  5. Power Output: The transformed power is then transmitted through the gearbox’s output shaft to the mixing mechanism of the feed mixer.
  6. Operational Control and Flexibility: The gearbox provides flexibility in operation through selectable gear ratios or a variable speed setup.

Horizontal Feed Mixer Gearbox

Proper Lubrication

  • Choosing the Right Lubricant: Select a lubricant that matches the specifications recommended by the gearbox manual.
  • Regular Lubricant Checks: Frequently check the lubricant level and quality in the gearbox.
  • Changing the Lubricant: Change the lubricant at intervals recommended by the gearbox’s operational manual.
  • Lubrication Points Maintenance: Ensure that all lubrication points are clean and accessible.
  • Monitoring for Leaks: Regularly inspect the gearbox for signs of oil leaks.
  • Temperature Monitoring: Monitor the operating temperature of the gearbox during operation.

Horizontal Feed Mixer Gearbox

Choose the Right PTO Shaft

  1. Determine the Required Length: Measure the distance between the tractor’s PTO output and the input of the feed mixer gearbox.
  2. Check the Power Requirements: Understand the power output requirements of the feed mixer gearbox.
  3. Choose the Right Spline Specification: Ensure the spline count and size on the PTO shaft match those of both the tractor’s PTO output and the feed mixer’s input shaft.
  4. Shaft the Safety Features: Look for a PTO shaft that includes safety features such as a shield or guard.
  5. PTO Shaft Quality and Durability: Select a PTO shaft made from high-strength materials.
  6. Compatibility with Tractor and Mixer Gearbox: Verify that the PTO shaft is fully compatible with both the tractor and the mixer gearbox.

PTO Shaft for Horizontal Feed Mixer Gearbox

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